Refinancing your mortgage in Muskoka (Parry Sound)

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The two main reason you would refinance their mortgage is either to lower your mortgage payment or pay off your mortgage faster. Refinance your mortgage means you are paying off the existing mortgage and getting a new one even if its with the same mortgage lender. Cathy Barker, Your Verico Sunlite Mortgage agent has access most Canadian mortgage lenders and could negotiate the lowest mortgage rate on your behalf.

If you are living in Muskoka (Bala, Bracebridge, Burk’s Fall, Gravenhurst, Haliburton, Kilworthy, Minden, Parry Sound, Port Loring and Wilberforce) and you need to have an experienced mortgage agent with access to many mortgage lenders.

A mortgage agent does not work for any specific lender so her decision on which lender to place your mortgage is more based on your specific needs and financial situation more than the lenders need. She will always get you the lowest rate for your credit.

As your Parry Sound mortgage agent, I get paid by the bank for placing your mortgage with them and the amount of time that a mortgage takes to close will depend on the amount of information I get and how quickly I get those information. Depending on the lender I use the closing could be as little as one week.

We also commercial mortgage, private mortgage second mortgage and bridge financing.

If you are looking to purchase a home or a cottage in the Muskoka area, looking to refinance your current property or switch your mortgage, we have some of the lowest mortgage rates in Muskoka.

Apply for a mortgage today or call me at 1(877) 385-6267 Ext. 119

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